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Awards, Life Events and COVID

Hello friends, Its been a long while since I wrote a blog, just like for everyone life has had its Covid induced challenges, and other ‘normal’ life challenges including the loss of my beautiful Obe in July, I am only beginning to realise how much this has affected me. Having had him by my side for nearly sixteen years I guess it’s hardly surprising. The loves and losses we experience, as hard as they hit, are all, part of life’s rich tapestry. The arrival of Theo was a big positive, he came sooner than planned, and wasn’t what I was looking for on paper, but a lovely, worthy chap, who is super loving. Theo is a rescue and was overlooked for 14 months and this has meant a huge learning curve for me. I am grateful for the help Winkie Spiers has given me! The depth of her knowledge and understanding and her depth of understanding still amazes me. I can feel a blog coming soon about what Theo has taught me so far!

Since that time, much has happened... Our focus was on providing pet supplies online which I thank the lucky stars I had already working and was there waiting for my time! The online service has helped many in the last year, and will continue to do so! I have been able to spend more time researching new and innovative products to enrich the life of our dogs. Please do check out our new lines!

We have been awarded TWO SME awards! Should have promoted this earlier, never been the best at self promotion! We won one award for:




These awards mean a huge amount... I’ve never followed the crowd, and with our offering it really is about the dog. I spent a lot of me scouring for new chews and different protein sources, as well as interactive toys, so we have just added more buffalo and fish products to our line. Our focus is enriching your dogs life, harnesses that actually fits them, all harnesses are not equal, ours don’t impede movement cause friction, and the pressure point is on the sternum not the soft tissue of the throat. We also have some great enrichment toys which are a great activity to help a dog use its brain.

We always take the dogs welfare into account before anything. So I want to thank everyone who supports us, as not only are your dogs super lucky that you look to a business that can support you to give them the very best that they deserve in nutrition, lifestyle and enrichment but on to of that you have helped strengthened my belief in the passion I have for this business and ultimately for giving dogs the very best!

And I want to thank SME news for the awards which came out of the blue and put a smile on our faces at challenging times!

I wish you all a better 2021, WOOF, WOOF!

Anita :)

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