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Buying a harness is a little bit of a mine field, our harnesses have a Y shaped front with the centre of the Y resting on the sternum, so that should your dog pull the pressure is on the sternum, not the soft tissue.

They also sit further back than most harnesses so there is no chance of rubbing under the front legs.

They are designed for comfort and safety.

Best dog harnesses

Scientific studies have shown that a dog can get all kinds of medical conditions by wearing a collar, and that a collar imposes various restrictions on your dog.

Get a Y shaped dog harness and keep your favorite animal safe.

There are many harnesses and also head collars that have lovely fluffy names that make you think they are nice for your dogs and will make your dog walk to heel better.

Any product that claims it will make your dog walk better to heel will  generally use pain to force your dog into submitting to your demands to walk to heel, this will be pressure on the nose, or tightening  around the chest, or coming across the front legs impeding movement.

Why use our dog harness?

Using a collar is bad. The pressure in and behind the eyes is increased considerably and could lead to problems with vision. External pressures on the thyroid gland can cause damage and hypothyroidism with symptoms like chronic stress, fatigue, as well a behavioural change.

Using a collar can also cause headaches, muscular and skeletal damage …the list goes on, a dog’s neck is absolutely no different to ours, so just imagine how it would feel if you were being pulled  or yanked around your neck as some dogs are.

Calming Signs harness green
Calming Signs harness blue
Calming Signs harness red

Harnesses that impede movement can also cause muscle damage and injury, some come across the chest and front legs impeding movement, this is not good. Others tuck right under the front legs, we’ve actually seen a dog lame as the harness was so tight around its front leg...

Best Dog Harnesses for Every Type of Dog

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