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“I used Woofs to Kittys mobile grooming business for years, and am now more than happy to take Oly and Reggie to the parlour. It’s great to see the doggy products too!” – Troy

I have had a passion for animals since I was a child, as an adult I left my corporate job in fashion buying and set up my own business so I could have a dog.

Roll forward twenty years and at a crossroad in my life, I decided to set up a grooming business as I wanted to do something I felt passionate about. The business started in a van in 2008, then progressed to moving into premises in 2012. This allowed me to add a retail section to the business, which has blossomed since the shop opened.

We are very clear about the direction of our buying ethos:


This evolved through the grooming into the shop, we are about quality, natural and where relevant design.

We will never sell anything that in any way harms a dog , sadly there are many such products out there.

Most products are tested on our own, and friends' dogs, it’s a hard life for them testing new natural chews!

We work very closely with a dear friend Winkie Spiers a very highly regarded dog behaviourist, who gave me direction at the beginning of the journey, and with whom I am constantly deliberating over products.

Now we are evolving again, adding an online shop, we started posting products as clients moved and said they couldn’t find the same quality of product as we provide elsewhere, so this is very exciting!

We are constantly striving to improve and add to what we do and to get better at it, and always open to new product lines.

So let your dogs enjoy, there is nothing like a lovely chew at the end of the day, WOOF WOOF!


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