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new puppy

At Woofs to Kittys we love puppies! We also believe that puppies deserve the best possible start in life, from the moment they are chosen to the day they are brought home. We always recommend that people choose a responsible and caring breeder, and plan in advance before they bring their puppy home. The following may be useful:


We can help your puppy learn to enjoy their first grooming experiences through our dog-centered approach. We don't cage dogs, and we ensure that puppies get plenty of breaks and are handled gently and kindly. Puppy cuts are kept simple for a cute look and positive experience!


Puppy starter pack


Visit Woofs to Kittys for your free puppy starter pack, which includes samples of healthy food and natural chews. We offer everything you need for your new puppy, from beds, treats and equipment to premium food and puppy pads.

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