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At Woofs to Kittys, we offer a bespoke

grooming service.

Our groomers Anita & Anna, are always on hand to talk about your requirements.

Our grooming takes time

We are about quality, not quantity - our groomers would normally groom no more than 6 dogs a day. 


Unlike others where 10 is the target per day, something many dog owners don’t realise, and adds a great deal of stress to the dog’s experience.

+44 20 3659 8580

Every dog we groom gets the VIP treatment and receives:

Pawdicure service

a hair cut or de-shed

a bath and blow dry

ear care

a bow attached to the collar

You can see right into the grooming room

We are fully transparent, we do not cage dogs, and dogs get many treats whilst with us! 

We keep the dogs here as short a time as possible, as we know they would rather be with you! 


We hand dry the dogs, and don’t use cage dryers.

Grooming times vary greatly, and we are sometimes delayed by previous appointments.


So an average sized dog would be with us between 2-2 ½ hours, but we will always give you an estimate when you drop your dog in.

We tailor your dog’s groom to your requirements

The variables are the condition of your dog’s coat and your dog’s temperament.


To provide your pet with the perfect groom — from a simple wash and dry to a full groom — we’ll advise you of the ideal service based on:

the size of your pet

the time needed

 the condition of your pet’s coat

your pet’s temperament

Grooming advice

Grooming your pet regularly is essential for ensuring its skin, eye and ear health.


We are here to advise on your dog’s grooming requirements in between visits to us. 


It is imperative to maintain your dog well between grooms, otherwise it might impact on the type of hair cut your dog will have.

+44 20 3659 8580

SEe our practice yourself

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