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Woofs to Kittys

Our aim is to help owners give their dogs the best life they can through good information and healthy, natural and well-designed products, foods and chews...

                    Anita Kytomaa, owner

Our blog is general thoughts, and insights into being a dog owner, and we aim to give information to support  dog owners to have a happy life with their dog.

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At Woofs to Kittys, we tailor our service to your pet’s breed to ensure they receive the right grooming service at the right time.


The obvious is a teething puppy. if you give your puppy a chew that he or she likes the smell of, you are far less likely to have damage to your home, your furniture, your shoes etc!


It is all part of creating an ‘enriched environment’ for puppies. As dogs are sentient beings, You should include a variety of chews, as variety is always important to create an enriched environment!  

chewing is very healthy for dogs on many levels...

...but our adult dogs also need to chew through their lives.

Chewing is good for the teeth clean, so a variety of soft and hard chews is good, 
and another health benefit is the calming effect of chewing. If you watch a dog chewing on a yummy chew they
love, you can see them going into nearly a meditative state, it releases calming hormones so chewing is great for all dogs and great for rescue dogs or any dog that needs support in calming down.


These are pure pates with nothing in them, but what is on the packet, so the chicken is 100% human grade dog meat.

These can be used to fill up treat toys or a cow hoof or cut up into small cubes as training treats, my dogs love them that way!

salmon pate.jpg

great training treat cut up


Training Treats

We wholeheartedly believe in reward-based training for dogs. It is by far the kindest and easiest way to teach a dog good basic skills and manners.
We have a variety of natural treats. Again, variety is good to make a dog's life more interesting!
It helps if you work out what is a 'high value' treat for your dog, we don't mean the most expensive... but the thing they love the most!

Why don't we sell balls or throwers?

Silent toys

We only sell silent toys, as toys with squeakers can wind dogs up in a negative way. They emulate the sound of small vermin. Hence causing the excitement in dogs.

snuffle mat.jpg

great game, or slow feeder


A dogs neck is no different to ours, imagine having a collar around your neck and it being pulled or yanked...

Dog Equipment

We are delighted to be working very closely with Calming Signs harnesses.

It's the healthiest way to walk your dog, avoiding neck problems, back problems, eye problems, thyroid problems etc.

Our harnesses are designed not to hinder movement in any way, hence the Y shape at the front, and they sot on the sternum so if your dog does pull, the pressure is on the bone and not on the soft tissue around the neck. They also sit way behind the front leg, so as not to cause chaffing in the armpit.
Our harnesses also have four clips so that they don't have to go over your dogs head. Many dogs dislike that.


Our blog is general thoughts, and insights into being a dog owner, and we aim to give information to support dog owners to have a happy life with their dog.


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