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These are our new totally unique anatomically correct stretch harnesses.

Not only do they have the best shape for your dogs comfort, we have now improved them with webbing that has stretch on the front Ypart of the harness, meaning that if your dog pulls there is a bit of give, and if dogs have a long stride when running they have give making them even more comfortable!

super soft

super light

doesnt go over the head

pressure point at front on the sternum, not the soft tissue of the neck

3 clips for ease of putting on

5 adjustment points so you can fit all dog breeds

longer on the back than most harnesse so don't rub inside your dogs front leg.

No rough edges on the inside so won’t rub 😁



XXXS: 27-33 cm around chest (toy dogs, puppies small breed) webbing 15 mm wide

XXS: 30-45cm around chest (e.g. Chihuahua)webbing 15 mm wide

XS: 40-55cm around chest (e.g. Jack Russell terrier, Pug)webbing 15 mm wide

S: 50-70cm around chest (e.g. Beagle, Tibetan terrier) webbing 20 mm wide

M: 60-80cm around chest (e.g. Labrador, viszla ) webbing 25mm

L: 70cm-100cm around chest (e.g. golden retriever, mastiff) webbing 25 mm



The main reason I use a harnesss is to limit any possible damage a collar can do should my dog pull when on a lead, and a small yank because of seeing a cat or being spooked can do damage, as well as a dog generally pulling on the lead, a dogs neck is no different to ours AT ALL, I leave it to your imagination.

The neck is part of many functions in a dogs body,the nervous system, blood vessels, bone structure, thyroid glands sit in the neck, etc..... A dogs health can be damaged in many ways through wearing a collar on lead .

When buying a harness there are two important things to look for.

The first is that the front is Y shaped,

So that should your dog pull the pressure is on the sternum (bone) not on the soft tissue of the neck, and that it in no ways impedes with the movement of a dogs front legs.

There are many different shaped harnesses on the market, some come across the front legs impeding movement, some tighten as a dog pulls hurting a dog under its front legs. Some sit as high at the front as a collar totally defeating the reason you're a harness.

The second is a harness should sit 2-4 cms(two fingers) behind the front leg so it doesn't chaff inside the dogs front legs.

It is also important that a harness doesn't go over the dogs head, many dogs dislike that sensation so two clips on the side makes your dogs life much


Bare Dog stretch

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