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The gift of a rescue

The gift of a rescue

I just saw a clip my friend Winkie posted about her latest rescue Trevor.

And it reminded of the journeys I’ve had with rescues, my latest being Theo.

I absolutely love my ‘Boo’ her entitled, rich, nuanced character makes many a client laugh at work, just needed to say that as she's part of Theo's story, but the gift of a rescue dog is something very different.

I remember when Theo first arrived I looked at him, and thought….. ‘you could be a total nutter’ (I had a lot of evidence to the contrary, but the thought crossed my mind!)

Watching them develop, find their way, trust, evolve, the first time you let them off lead (heart in your mouth) let them explore, have choices, and just peel away the layers till they really become who they are, without fear,when they first realise what makes you laugh.

It’s such a wonderful thing, and seeing Winkies clip tonight I nearly felt envy, I can see his expression change, so much calmer, happier, more engaged, more trusting, it’s such a gift, there are no words to describe the feeling, it just fills yours heart.

And mostly we don’t know their history, but the giving them love, food,(lots of treats) and space to decompress, dogs are so forgiving .

My big tip, is less is more, expect little, so much will come back at you!

Theo has had a two steps forward, one back, most due to other dog’s behaviour than his, but he constantly checks in with me when out, he’s just the most delightful goofy dog, can be a plonker at times, but we call him ‘hospitality’ at work, whilst Boo is security! (A job she takes very seriously)

So folks think about adopting rather than shopping, rescues are bursting at the seams.

I would just add, find a great dog behaviourist, who work with positive reinforcement, and make sure THEY are  highly trained themselves!

There are so many rescues out there, here’s a few to check out:

Pound dogs for adoption Limassol (Theo’s rescue)

Many Tears Rescue

Love underdogs

The Wild at Heart foundation

There are gazillions of rescues… including breed specific ones.

My breed used to be German pointer, now it’s Rescue 🥰

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